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The Book of Boba Fett [SPOILERS]

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The Bissler:
Until the final episode, I was convinced that the previous 2 episodes were cobbled together as a result of Covid happening and the producers looking to see what other storylines they could quickly act upon to make the best of the situation - in those 2 episodes there were very few characters in groups together and it all looked like they were socially distanced - but, the way things played out in the final episode, I'm not sure that could have happened without the preceding episodes.

I assumed that they'd brought forward the first two episodes of S3 of The Mandalorian. The reason I'm less convinced this is the case is because of Grogu being there - unless everything was supposed to go down as it did without him being there and the additions came out of the necessity of pulling those Mandalorian episodes forward. I'm hoping we get some insight about this stuff if they release a few making of episodes as they did for S1 and S2 of Mandalorian.

So far as that last episode went, the strangest thing to me was when Boba headed back to the palace, he chose the Rancor over Slave 1. Rule of cool, I suppose, but Slave 1 could have ended the battle in moments. Of course, the Syndicate could just as easily ended the resistance with a few gunships, but again, would it have been as much fun?

The battle scene, while generally rather good, did drag a bit for me. I guess I must be a bit odd in that it’s the action stuff that usually doesn’t drag for most people. Don’t get me wrong I do like a good action scene, but if it is going to be long (and I think I prefer it if these scenes aren’t long) it needs to move, and not be too repetitive.

Overall, I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed this series. It’s not as good as The Mandalorian, and I wish that Boba Fett was shown to be as tough as he was depicted in that scene where he turns up in that show. I seem to remember he and Shand polishing off a whole bunch of Stormtroopers with a rifle and a stick, while Mando himself was having a kip. This was without armour, and in a less healed state. In this show , he’s more healed, in armour with all his toys and… he seems to be beaten more easily. I’m not saying he should be indestructible or unbeatable,  just… tougher and consistent, if that makes sense. Cad Bane being a faster shot- I was fine with that for example. It’s believable; he would be. (Actually that entire fight with Cad worked well.) Getting beaten by a group in an earlier episode felt wrong somehow. He went down a bit too easy there. (Yeah, they’re a group but this guy can smash stormtroopers.)

I forgot about the rancor, so when Boba said he was going to get more backup, I wondered who he would return with. Seeing the rancor in action was a lot of fun, and a nice little King Kong homage there. I thought the effects held up well. (I think using Slave 1 would have been overkill as he doesn’t want to destroy the city, but it might have overwhelmed those giant droids easier.)

Droid shields…. mmmm yeah…. they took ages to get through the shields on one droid, (the battledroid sequence was a part that dragged a bit for me, much as I liked it) and then the rancor pushes the second into a building and the bricks break that second droid’s shields just like that.

They did explain that the shields protect from energy weapons and fast moving kinetic objects, so maybe falling debris moves slow enough to penetrate the shields and damage the shield emitters… but I’m not convinced of that. The rancor damaging a shield emmiter  with a swipe… that would actually be more believable.

How tough are wookies and rancors meant to be? Are they blaster proof? (I guess rancors are now.) Krrssantaan (possibly miss-spelt) seemed to get stabbed several times over several episodes, and while I can imagine that thick pelt would be pretty good defence against an ordinary blade, judging by his body language and bellowing, those weapons were hitting home… but he seemed to get over it pretty well, didn’t he?

But as I said earlier, I enjoyed the show overall and I think reviewers (not so much in this thread) are being too hard on this series.

Colin YNWA:
Finally back on the trail after boy child got out of sync and Girl child decided she didn't want to catch up after all - so I'm, finally catching up with the boy child and we will watch from there... anyway only really came by to say

Episode 3 least energetic car chase EVER*.

*The car chase in Way of the Gun os slow but does not lack energy. Its an important difference.

Colin YNWA:
Okay so we're taking our sweet time over this but now we get to creepy CGIwalker - Yike!... and when did it become the next season of Mandalorian... colour me ... happy with more Mandalorian annoyed with most the other stuff. This show is getting a bit chaotic!

It’s such a weird show. We got a third of a season of Mando, which was leagues ahead of the Fett stuff. The Fett character is so different from what went before that he may as well be an entirely different person. And the kids on the bikes feel like they’ve been spliced in from a totally different show.


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