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The Citadel wraps up. It’s a good conclusion, but I can’t say “it changed everything” as was billed. Or indeed anything much as far as ongoing continuity is concerned.

Hope and Fiends carry on, and I think I will need to just do a little refresher on who is who from the last few weeks. Not a major issue though.

There is a Future Shock from the Thought Bubble winners; the art is nice, but I didn’t really find the story that engaging.

Brink is just brilliant, as always.

The art on that future shock was more than nice, it was brilliant.

The Citadel was a perfectly good story, but I don't know what Tharg was thinking with that tagline. It makes a very entertaining and fun story seem like an anti-climax, which is undeserved.

Thought experiment with The Citadel: if 2000 AD had somehow accidentally left off the creator credits for these weeks, what would you think? Personally, it didn’t click with me at all. Even taking into consideration the unreliable witness angle, it just felt a bit off to me. It wasn’t bad, but it ended up feeling kind of throwaway and certainly nothing approaching a game-changer nor even really an important story in the history of the character.

Even though Surfer over in the Meg kind of goes over old ground, I’m finding that engaging and interesting. The Citadel just… feel flat. Oh well. (On the plus side, I listened to the Wagner interview for the 45th convention and it seems like he has no intention to hang up his quill. So we’ll likely get more Wagner Dredd in the future.)

Anthony Garnon:
Agreed that the art on the Future Shock being brilliant. Very John Stokes! (And not just because of the subject matter)

I’ve read the rest now and Fiends is really great but, man, that cliffhanger. Two weeks? THARG! Brink is also ramping up, as I knew it would. Properly slow burn.

Hope is solid. I enjoyed the two previous tales a lot and especially when collected, and I suspect that’ll be the case here. The Future Shock worked well enough for me and looked superb.

So from me this week, it’s: Fiends > Brink > Hope | Future Shock > Dredd. Nothing bad and at least two I’d buy in collected form.


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