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With Disney, I think it depends on how much it’s an event thing or whether it doesn’t really matter. For example, I wouldn’t have wanted to be behind for a second with Severance or Expanse. Boba Fett? Whatever. Mandalorian? We watched that after the event and that was still fine.

As for Netflix, I don’t want to shit on it. I do, however, suspect it will increasingly find things tough and may eventually be subject to a buy-out. Same goes for Spotify, although I’d argue Spotify is in a much more precarious position in the long term.

We watch a lot of South Korean programmes so always find something new, also reduced the subscription from the most expensive option so all good for now


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--- Quote from: wedgeski on 04 May, 2022, 02:13:27 PM ---Disney+ could easily join that club in the time between Marvel TV series.

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Although they're being quite canny about the large overlap between Marvel fans and Star Wars fans — there's rarely been more than a very few weeks between either a Marvel or SW series running (see: Moon Knight wrapping up today and Obi-Wan starting three weeks later, for example).

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So true for me. I only really get Disney + for the Marvel and Star War series (I like both) and I tend to unsubscribe if there's a long break between. I haven't unsubscribed in a while.

The Mind of Wolfie Smith:
to the lake.

on netflix. excellent russian series. about a global pandemic. made in 2019.



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