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Yeh i've got the full series on my hdd. only watched the first 3 so far but it really is excellent! highly recommended - ian mcshane is awesome.

Why's it good?

? The casting is excellent (Timothy Olyphant, Molly Parker (of KISSED notoriety), Ian MacShane)

? MacShane is SUPERB, a terrifying mixture of pure evil and surprising tenderness

? Sweariest programme of all time (according to the Mail On Sunday it contains the word f**k 831 times in the 1st 12 episodes)

? Proper nasty, dirty, Western town

? Just freaking watch the first episode, OK?


Alas, Watson, Mrs Hudson and I will have to wait until to appears on steam driven TV before its joys are revealed to us.

Now Watson, where did i put that syringe...

Huffy Holmes

janus stark:
macshane has come a long way since hi di hi


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