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Sarah Silverman introduces a clip on the Jimmy Kimmell chatshow - the juice starts 1 minute in. Class. Not suitable for work, BTW.Link: "It's because I'm, like, talking about her breasts

Adrian Bamforth:
A great sketch from 'Paul Merton The Series':Link: Bank Robber Sketch

the shutdown man:
This is pretty famous, so folks may have already seen it, but I just refuse to stop finding it funny.

"I come in the name of Jesus....repeat after me beee-yotch!"Link: The Spirit Of Truth

Roger Godpleton:
One of my top 10 YT vids of all time.Link: Eastern Motors ad.

Now I'm wondering what dangerous ingredients are going into Mar Bar chocalates if it's haveing strange and even worse side effects on animals.Link: Don't watch this, if you really like animals.


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