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Dredd (2012)

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--- Quote from: IAMTHESYSTEM on 29 July, 2021, 02:31:05 PM ---Blimey, ten years since DREDD last graced the Movie screen. So much has changed, yet the world has become more like Mega-City One in that time, proof to me that DREDD was ahead of its time. It seems a Neo-Medievalist style future may be on the cards, with Nation-states retreating or breaking up into smaller regions with plenty of scope for Authoritarians to get their wicked way. Let's hope Judge Dredd is just fiction, a horrifying warning of what may be rather than an accurate vision of a bleak future.

--- End quote ---

Dredd comics often have a foreshadowing take on the future. But it's maybe for the better. The whole world seems on going on what HG Wells proposed and that is one world government. And when i see what's going on in some areas in the globe, I am happy where I live in.

How about this drokking cool Dredd poster by Ruiz Burgos?
Whack that on a Blu-ray/4K Steelbook for the 10th anniversary next September and I shall definitely multiple dip!!!!  :)


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