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--- Quote from: Richard on 05 December, 2020, 06:10:58 PM ---When Scream! was cancelled it was merged into the Eagle, and Max from the Thirteenth Floor became the Eagle's editor (like Tharg in 2000AD). The Eagle didn't have issue numbers, only dates, rather unhelpfully.

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These Eagles are different.  Up until then, they all had numbers including the Scream crossover stuff and when it merged with Tiger.  My site references Eagle issues well into the 200s.

--- Quote from: M.I.K. on 05 December, 2020, 06:46:10 PM ---Yep. Definitely reprints.

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Cheers, Malc!

Professor Bear:
Issues 1-3 are numbered, and the 100th issue is trumpeted on the front cover, but Eagle only really had cover numbering between issues 127 and 338.  They were dropped for a merger with MASK and never reinstated, while the big anniversary issues like 400 and 500 weren't even acknowledged.  Most comics encyclopedia sites list the non-numbered issues with what would have been their issue number, as do most online sellers.


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