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A Future Shock TV series similar to Black Mirror, though not limited to BMs reliance on Technology. Grim, humourous, ludicrous and out and out shocking stories from the mighty pen of Twoothy's script droids for Thrill Factor Overload on any streaming channel. 

That is an excellent idea - not necessarily based on actual published future shocks (although there's a ton of great source material there), but a series of short twist-in-the-tale stories, all under the branding of Tharg's Future Shocks could really work - maybe 15 min animated shorts.

Trooper McFad:
Watching Netflix’s Love Death and robots and that crossed my mind small short animation with shock/twist endings.
It’s not bad but I’m sure there’s better in Tharg’s files

The Mind of Wolfie Smith:
cradlegrave. overseen by ken loach.


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