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The Doctor Alt 8:

What is the most attractive font in common use?

The Doctor Alt 8:

What dose no one have an opinion?

Funt Solo:
Commonly cited as the most popular is Helvetica.

The Doctor Alt 8:

Ah thank you.

There is no answer to this, given how subjective the question is. It's like asking "What's the best colour?"

Right now, I have (scurries off to check) 1512 active fonts installed on my system. I like some of 'em better than others, but they all have their uses and even the unattractive* ones will sometimes be exactly what a design calls for.

*Unattractive to me. There are objective metrics by which a font can be judged 'bad' (the terrible kerning in Comic Sans, to pick a famous example) but, beyond that, it's all a matter of personal taste.


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