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Forum’s Fav Thrill - Mazeworld vs. Lawless Rd 4 Heat 4

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The Enigmatic Dr X:



Lawless is a strip that I wasn’t initially keen on but it grew on me and I now look forward to reading it. It’s very good and will probably win this round.

Mazeworld, on the other hand, is one of those rare 2000AD gems. The art and storytelling, for me at least, are top notch. I do think the final series is the weakest of the three but overall it’s a great read.

So, yeah - Mazeworld it is then.


Colin YNWA:

Its interesting to compare the results here with the other tie today. Mazeworld would have lost out to DR and Quinch (???) one imagines, but it might have been an interesting tie. Anyway Lawless doesn't do quite as well against Mazeworld as Dante did against DR and Quinch. So will we see in this round an indication at least of which thrills are the front runners and Lawless, justified darling of the Meg though it is may still be hampered by being in the Meg?


Still defends the barricades in Round 5


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