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brighton ?

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Queen Firey-Bou:
wait! stop digging that escape trench Bou before if caves in , there may be a better plan.....

when is brighton?
who is going ?
is gatwick the airport nearest?
whats the recommended accomodation?

or is resistance futile & should i accept that i may never leave the glen again..AIEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee! !


What's Brighton?

Bou, are you having another aneurism? Caaaarm down, as Noisybast says.

- Jock McTrout

Queen Firey-Bou:
theres some comic thing at brighton sometime, scale-bonce.

Is there? I've always quite liked Brighton.

Don't read anything into that...

- Trout

Bad Andy:
Just ripped this from Comic Book Resources - some info here.

British comics conventions have always had the flavour of sticky tape, glue, a used washing up bottle, sticky back plastic and hard liquor. While the American conventions look grand, with huge displays, wonderful performances, queues stretching across lines of latitude and beer-flavoured water.

Dez Skinn's new British comics convention in Brighton in November looks like a change in format. There's more money involved, from councils and colleges, tourist events and a location on the seafront. However, there were plans to precede it with a ?200 a head ProCon. That looks unlikely now, as Dez Skinn posted to the now-generic British-comics-festival message board Comics2000.

Dez Skinn wrote, "About ProCon...

"I've probably bitten off more than I can chew, this being the first time I've organised a show since Comicon 81 (with Frank 'Weird Fantasy') Dobson, but for ProCon I took on board a professional business development and fundraising consultant.

"So far he hasn't raised any funds, despite his card having SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) and The Arts Council on it. The representation to the DTI or Vodaphone doesn't appear to have gone anywhere either.

"Now he has done this job before, the annual Brighton Cine City being just one example, and we armed him with folders, paperwork, a website, business card, the works. He'd told us it should be packaged with 'delegate day rates' and what he believed was a reasonable amount, almost half what his colleagues at Creatives Clusters (Brighton again) charge each year.

"But we ain't got no funding and I haven't heard from him for a month. All together, say 'Oh-oh!'

"So, while the Expo's looking rosey, ProCon ain't. Guess I should have stuck with my set-in-stone principal of going my own way with it rather than somebody else's approach. I still think the theory's sound, offering overseas publishers and creatives a 4-5 day reason to fly for two days, but it's got lost somewhere in the mix.

"Having just finished a deadline, I'll next week be firming up the guests, in the knowledge that Comic Expo will be footing all the bill, not just 50%. I've already got promises from some pretty 'wow' folks, but I needed to get straight this whole ProCon situation before sending them their air ticket money."

But for Brighton's Comic Expo, I hear Diamond are adding a Trade Open Day on the Friday before the con, something that used to be a regular con event but faded away of late.

The current convention schedule is Trade Open Day 1-6pm Friday 18th November, Brighton Comic Expo 19th-20th November. And my birthday on the Monday. Probably take the wife and send her in the direction of the original art tables....

And yes, there will also be a Live Lying In the Gutters event at Brighton.


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