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Just popped in to see if there is a Shed:Con this year and if so is there a raffle?

If there is I should be able to get some prizes so if someone mails me and lets me know I'll see what I can dig up.

I'm sure there is, I just can't recall who was organising it.

BAH! blasted weddings, mean that I can attend this year, and unless Dreddcon is moved to mid September (but not the EXACT weekend where my brother is getting married) next year, then I won't be able to attend then either :-(

Max Kon:
iirc it was David Brunt.

I've got some fabulous prizes... not stuff I can't shift on ebay at all oh no...

God no I've no intention of organising it but I have got some prizes if anyone else wants to provide some as well then that's a goer. Help us YT, you're our only hope...


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