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Brighton: where are you staying?

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Appreciate everyone's attention is on Dreddcon at the mo, but where are people staying at Brighton? I checked the Metropole and it's a facking rip-off - more than ?300 for a double room over the weekend. Not paying that in a million years, so wondered what other people were doing for accomm ...

kipping on your floor


Byron Virgo:
Metropole's ?65 per night (incl. VAT, plus breakfast) if you book at the special convention rate. That's where I'm staying, as is Mark.

If you search hard enough, you'll come across a hippie hostel in the heart of Brighton that has some beds available for ?5 per person per night.  Trust me, don't stay there.

I'm staying at the Hilton Metropole.Check out the Comic Expo's website for the info on getting rooms at the convention rate.


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