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Funt Solo:

--- Quote from: Funt Solo on 30 July, 2021, 05:02:26 PM ---Then there's Sons of Booth (2030-2032) & The Booth Conspiracy (2095-2099) - I feel sure there were more than two parts to that, though.

--- End quote ---

The entire Eglington Booth arc is:

Sons of Booth (2030-2032)
Icon (2050-2052)
Flaws (2076-2078)
The Booth Conspiracy (2095-2099)

Fargo is first mentioned in the Judge Cal story when we see his tomb which describes him as the first chief judge of MC1. There's more about him in Oz, which also introduces Judd.

Between that and The Cursed Earth, there isn't much else to go on, and most of what we saw in Origins was original.

Thanks Funt and Richard - both answers very helpful 👍🏻

Funt Solo:
Can anyone think of any good, online, examples of pencils to inks?


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