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Can we have a website exclusive for Megatropolis & Dreadnoughts?

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Sean SD:

--- Quote from: Proudhuff on 21 July, 2021, 12:55:50 PM ---Pre-order ordered! and used my subbie 50%  :)

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the reminder about the subbie 50% voucher
30 days to order a book or two  :)

For people interested in the Dreadnoughts collection here is a review:


What is interesting is that the collection will also include the Dredd story Paradigm Shift. This was interesting story as well where the old and new are connected.

Has anyone received their web shop exclusive HC of Megatropolis yet? I don’t want to bug the web team, but two weeks after release and it’s now OOS on the website, so I was wondering. (I ordered it back in July.)

O Lucky Stevie!:
Stevie's copy arrived in here in Oz on Monday.


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