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I loved the dummy issue zero of AD 2000...

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any chance of:

Judge Dredd Fortnightly mock-up - Judge Anderson / Helltreckers / Blockers etc.
Zarjaz - the Warrior rival mock-up - with the Mick McMahon painted cover
Alternity / Earthside 8 - both versions

That's all...

Leigh S:
Not sure there is a JD fortnightly or Zarjaz mock up (certainly the Zarjaz I thought didnnt really have any content "commissioned"?

Earthside 8 I;d be interested in, but do Rebellion own it?

The Dredd Fortnightly strips are well documented
It just needs a cover to look like this https://youtu.be/RloXdGGvulc

Leigh S:
We know what the strips were meant to be, and we ahve the art for most of them.  But do we have a genuine copy of the dummy to use - was there even a dummy, or just lots of pages of story commissioned and the whole thing put on ice before the dummy could be put together?

I recall that Zarjaz is even more nebulous - the idea was to make a "more adult" 2000AD - perhaps to move in on the Warrior Territory - as far as I recall, other than Slaine (whose intended appearance in it is only known from the fact he was on the cover - hopefully Pat's book might tell us more, but I fear not).  ISTR reading it was going to ahve more "adult" versions of existing tales (Robo-Hunter being one named?)

We know for sure there were dummies for Earthside 8/Alternity, but I think their ownership is the nebulous bit given they didnt see print

There is nothing to Zarjaz beyond a cover, and The Dredd Comic, while most of the contents are known the cover is not, and there seems to be a main Dredd story not known either. Probably easily segued into 2000 AD.
Alternity and Earthside 8 are different, they were actually 'published', probably 100 printed of each for a focus group, and pulped on return. There is only a handful out there.


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