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Anyone want to discuss comix in general?

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death monkey 23:
YO.  I am DEATH MONKEY #23 and inasmuch as comix go I am into OUTLAW NATION, 2000AD (as of recently) SANDMAN, AMERICAN CENTURY (I got collection 1 recently and I dug it).  Also I quite like US WAR MACHINE, although the satire is rendered redundant after the 'unimaginably unimaginable' recent events that no doubt will be remembered amongst us all for as long as, er, 19 months.
I wanna hear from YOU
Also what about MUSIC, man.  I like Radiohead, System of a down, Primal Scream, Ministry (metal band), Butthole Surfers etc.
I am 14 so please present prejudice in your postings where necessary.

Thread Zero:
Listen Monkey boy,

Go back to the jungle!

Or hello how are you?

You are too young to read 2000AD. If you read the small print at the bottom of the nerve center it says it is illegal for under 16's to read it.


Sorry about that.


death monkey 23:
It does f***ing not!  Please give me a proper reply next time.  what sort of name is scojo anyway

Please excuse Scojo - he's overdue his next Ritalin shot...

Nice to see a 2000 AD reader round here who wasn't born when the mag started. Out of interest, what do you think of the stuff that's in the mag these days (most of us here grew up with 2K so we have a slightly different perspective)?


2000 AD.

Thread Zero:
I knew he would fall for it.

Some people eh!

hee hee

scojo whose middle name is johanna


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