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I've seen photographs of Tharg.  Does that mean he exists too?

I'm still fairly sure that 'Roxilla' (ie. the person who wrote the record reviews, and not whoever's wife/girlfriend/office assistant they got to pose for those photos) was probably Alan Mackenzie

Dominic O'Rourke:
you heartless thing Tharg!!

Thread Zero:
Listen mate,

Breasts or leg?

Make up your mind.

scojo in the kitchen

Thread Zero:
He tried to feed Logan to mek quake but mekky puked him back out.

That droid has got taste after all.


Er..just a joke that one Logan

:May-Kanix: Name was Steve May. He occasionally wrote articles on computer and video games for 2K.

Presumably the same Steve May as now works on Starlog and Home Cinema Choice - I can find out if you want Wake?


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