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HI, I am a student at Winchester college and I was hoping that someone could give me a hand. I am studying English and have a presentation to give in two weeks on whether medieval heroes are still relevant in todays society; e.g. Beowulf, King Arthur and so on and so forth. We have found examples in films but would like to find other media forms that they might exist in and we then thought about comics and naturally thought of 2000AD. Any information on the original inspiration of the characters of 2000AD would be fantastic, whether someone like Dredd was inspired by a medieval myth and if so which one. Thanks very much!

Roger Simian:
Hello, Jen,

How about the Marvel character, Thor?  I know - he's a God rather than a Hero, and it's Viking mythology rather than Anglo-Saxon.  Hmn.  That probably doesn't help much.

Judge Dredd was mostly based on Dirty Harry and Sly Stalone.  As a hero he veers more towards the Fascist end of the scale, and he'll never have a Guinevere (spl) 'cause the only thing he cares about is upholding The Law.  

The first three Star Wars stories are strongly based in mythical hero / villain types.  They even have sword battles and sorcery.  Or, what about some of the Spaghetti Westerns - don't they have some basis in Myth?  

(Was Beowulf not from before the Medieval era?)

Anyway, I hope this helps in some way.


Roger Simian:
I've just thought - if your thesis can include Greek Mythology: Wonder Woman is supposed to be an Amazon, I think she was born as the Goddess Diana.

Jen, your best bet would be Slaine. Pat Mills based his hero on the mythological Irish figure Cu Chulainn. The very early Slaine stories mirror those of the folk legend. A more obvious example would be Camelot 2000 which re-told the Authorian legend but set in an England of the future. It was published by DC Comics & is still available in graphic novel.


Whoa, Roger! Dredd based on Sly Stallone? I don't think that will go down well on the message board, just wait till Scojo sees it! Dredd was based on Dirty Harry & the film poster for the original Death Race 2000. Errr, hold on wasn't Sly in that???

Matt (better go check my facts!)


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