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It was the Death Race 2000 character of Frankenstein - helmet, balck leather costume, face-concealing mask - played by David Carradine that Dredd's visual look was partly supposed to be inspired by.

Stallone was in the movie, but he played Machine Gun Joe, Frankenstein's main rival.

Roger Simian:
"Dredd was based on Dirty Harry & the film poster for the original Death Race 2000. Errr, hold on wasn't Sly in that?"

Nope - it was David Carradine, but go read 'Judge Dredd: The untold Story'.

Ezqquerra: "When I first started to draw Dredd's face, he was based a little bit on Sylvester Stallone..."

Ironic that he ended up being the first movie Dredd, and getting it completely wrong.  

>Ezqquerra: "When I first started to draw Dredd's >face, he was based a little bit on Sylvester >Stallone..."

I don't believe that for a moment.  Carlos first came out with this at the time of the Dredd movie's release, and it sounded like a pretty obvious bit of movie PR bullshit.

"Of course, Dredd was kind of based on Sylvester Stallone all along..."

Uh-huh.  Why of course he was, Carlos...

He's backpedalled since then, and has apparently said that he just said it as a joke.

Dominic O'Rourke:
especially the period of lancelot when he leaves G to Arthur and scoures the world for the chalice thingy, Dredd to is on a quest, and is single minded enough to see it through, aquest for justice (even if he has to use 'current' laws to carry it out.

Durham Red has a lot of Joan of Arc in her, a religious crusade in the last series.

Anderson seems to be every witch that was ever written about (especially the good witches), actually I'd like to think on this one some more.

Johnny Alpha - a bit of a robin hood/green man, Hern type character

and thats just some of the 2kad characters, I think you could have a field day picking out hero characteristics of anglo-saxon or medievel characters from the entirety of comic characters, for roman/grecian mythology check out Sandman from DC, Superman is very Arthurian, Batman is every anti-hero rolled into one, check out Marvel UK's Knights of Pendragon (from 1990/91), speaking of Bat's Robin is every knights sidekick (can't think what their called)

please get back to us with some more info on particular mythological characters your looking for

I agree with Matt. Not only is Slaine a great example of the Celtic hero, he actually had many adventures with the great Celtic/British heroes on his travels - Bodicia, Arthur, William Wallace and even taking on the Robin Hood role.


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