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Bah, I haven't read it yet, and now I really want to.

Damn you, Tharg.  Hurry up and send me my copy!

Couldn't agree more, Logan; Cit Sump is one of the best Dredd stories I've read for some time - that said, of course, work dictates that I read Ennis'...

And The Bendatti Vendetta - assuming it continues with the quality of part 1 - is shaping up to be Tooth/The Meg's best crime / 'real world' series since Button Man...


Jamie, why exactly did Titan choose to reprint Helter Skelter? I can see why you'd want to cash in on Ennis's popularity after Preacher, by introducing his earlier work to new readers, but wasn't Helter Skelter a book too far? It can't have sold too well. Whilst we're on the subject of Titan books what Dredd stuff can we expect to see in the future?

Matt, I'm afraid that I can't go into the reasons Titan do things either on or offline. Mostly because I don't know the answers myself!

Forthcoming Dredd (off the top of my head):
(Paperback) Muzak Killer, Innocents Abroad
(Hardback) The Day the Law Died (Judge Cal)

Also - Judge Anderson Books 1-4 are to be collected in two volumes, "Death's Dark Dimension" (1&2) and "Hour of the Wolf (3&4).


That's it.


Titan could produce a volume of Ennis's Dredd work and call it:

THE WORST DREDD STORIES EVER TOLD.Link: http://www.ximoc.co.uk


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