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Harmony Krieg - info needed

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I was showing my ignorance of fan fiction by implying it is indulgent. I think 'fan', like 'amateur', is a term open to misinterpretation.
Apologies to anyone who was offended by that implication.


Roger Simian:
Thanks for all your help.  Don't know what I would've done without you guys.

Hey, careful with that sarcasm, Roger. I'm on your side!

As far as I can tell all the Harmony stories were written by Chris Standley. If anyone else wrote any I don't know about them, but the Standley ones were:
Blood and Snow  2.55 to 2.60
Homeward Bound  2.62
Transient 114  2.73 to 2.76
Genocide  3.01 to 3.06
Headcase 3.08 to 3.10
Hell Gate  3.18 to 3.19
Killer Instinct  3.24 to 3.25

I've not read most of them, so I can't help you with the story, but maybe this list will jog other people's memory.


Roger Simian:
Thanks, Nathan.


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