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Yep, there they are: The right's favourite scapegoats; public services and immigrants. 

Funt Solo:
They're also punting a "Don't worry! Boris is going to get to the bottom of this!" line.

(Which, yes, is more scapegoating.)

Funt Solo:
Rich arsehole publicly doesn't give a fuck about China's genocide against the Uyghars: Backlash as US billionaire dismisses Uyghur abuse.

I expect he profits quite nicely from their enslavement. Long term, he may have issues with the forced sterilization, though. How can you turn a profit from the next generation if they're not going to be born?

Funt Solo:
Loving this clickbait image from Channel 4 News:

Gie's a job! I can do that! I can have parties! That's easy, that is!

Leigh S:
Privilege is being able to make a successful career out of being a liar, despite being a really shit liar.


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