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Can someone explain Sinister Dexter for me?


Hi there.  I've read a few SD stories and I'll be honest I don't really get it.  I missed out on all the early stuff, so I was just wondering if someone could tell me what's going on, who are they, what sort of world are they in?  (I read the early Nikolai Dante stuff in that collected book and the series made a bit more sense after reading that.)

So far I've gathered they are some sort of hired hitmen who say Funt a lot and end up killing a lot of people.  Was that bloke actually made by Sony?

Have you read their profile page?

Dexter has a 'headcase' which is an implanted TV. Originally it was made by Sony, but it was damaged and replaced by a Fony model (before the real Sony spotted it).

Think Pulp Fiction set a few decades into the future and say Funt a lot.Link: Sinister Dexter Profile

Thanks Wake, that told me all I need to know I think.  I'd picked up some of it but it was a bit of a mystery to me.  Hmmm... doesn't one of them have odd eyes?

Jayzus B. Christ:
That's the headcase too - he watches tv on the retinas of his eyes. the whole story used to be fairly fresh in its irreverence and ultraviolence; it's gone a bit stale now if you ask me.

Yeah, I got the feeling it must have started really well as there was a lot of fan mail for it.  If I see a collected book of some early stuff I might give it a try.  

Thanks for sorting the eye thing, that sort of stuff bugs me if I don't know it.


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