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Hi Tharg & Squaxx Dek Thargo everywhere

I've been collecting 2000AD since the issue 121 and have a double collection one for me and one for the kids.
I buy my copies from our local newsagent who is a friend as well as a damn fine newsagent and as I don't want to see our local shops die I support them.
BUT my double ration of thrill power for issue 1268 didn't arrive and Miranda (newsagent) is being fobbed off by HM Smutts (Private Eye joke [that's the other comic I read]) by being told the "it's on a list"!!!!!
Well we all know where lists can be stored and what use they are in the hands of the bureaucrat thrill suckers which are infesting all areas life these days.
Can you help us please, we can't read the growing pile of thrill power and consequently are dying of thrill power starvation.
Keep up the good work 2000AD IS the best in the Galaxy.

Best and Christmas good wishes to all

Joe, Sam, Erwan, Jim & Eluned

Try Louise@rebellion. Click the link for details.

Merry Christmas

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