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The Italian Job (1969)

I catch this once in a while and always glue my eyes to the telly. I just bloody love this film, unlike washed up American remake. Funny, cool cars, stunts (Minis driving up the building is never less than amusing), Benny Hill as pervert professor (too bad he ain't got much space and time) and utmost British feel. Take that, Mark Wahlberg.

The Score

It's a heist movie.  It's fine.  I would have expected a better story or characterisations considering the cast, but it's pretty boiler plate.  The selling point of it is probably that Edward Norton plays a crook who pretends to be neurodivergent - twenty years on it's not so much a selling point.  At best it's odd and at worst it's offensive.  I personally found it tolerable as it didn't go too far over the line, but I recognise it's bad taste.  So it's just ends up being run-of-the-mill with nothing but a cast of actors who have done better in better films.


Funt Solo:
Black Widow - it's not completely awful. I'm not sure what I'd expect from a Marvel movie at this stage. Scorsese's right: it's not really cinema (even though it is perhaps what some aspect of cinema has become).

The plot seems to be that a whole bunch of Nikita-types have been mind-controlled by a rather portly and wheezing "Ah'm the Daddy now!", and they can only be freed by spraying some magic potion on them.

Also: what is family? Is it beating each other up and hating? Maybe.


--- Quote from: Funt Solo on 30 November, 2021, 05:56:19 PM ---Black Widow
Also: what is family? Is it beating each other up and hating? Maybe.

--- End quote ---

So it's the antithesis to Shazam?

Finch - A sad but still a fun story about a man's journey to ensure his dogs survival. This is a Tom Hanks movie which takes place in an apocalyptic future world where earth has been devastate by a solar flair and almost all life has been wiped out. Sound strange but this is a great family movie with some touching and sad scenes with some laugh-out moments in-between. I am not sure who steals the show but the robot, the dog and the man makes this movie.


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