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What is the correct reading order of the Doomsday saga?


I have gotten the Doomsday books for Christmas and know the names of the different stories in them from this sites graphic novels page. But I am unsure as to what order they should be read in. I stopped collected while it was originally in the magazine so if anyone could help I would appreciate it.

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I'll try my best for ya Dave!

Both series in 2k and the meg were written as separate stories yet involved the same or similar plots. They were not written as one story where you had to get both titles at the same time, such as Wilderlands or Judgement Day.

Just told from a different perspective, that's all.

One was seen through the eyes of Demarco and the citizens of the city, the other from Dredd's point of view.

Doomsday for MC1 was printed in the Megazine, Doomsday for Dredd in 2k.

But both stories feature the build up to Doomsday, mention Dredd's capture and escape from that island where he was on trial and tell the battle to beat the droids and Narcos.

So you can read both books separate or together. It shouldn't make any diference.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for that but I really was wondering if there was any direct way to read through the stories swapping between books. As you say there is a lot of crossing over in the stories so now I can see why it wasn't as direct a crossover as Judgement Day.

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Well sure you can swap.

I'll trade my Anderson sex doll for your graphic novels.

A deal?

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