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So, did Al's baby turn out to be Dredd's ancestor?

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I always assumed that Al's baby would end up being Fargo, or Fargo's father.  The Joke being of course that fargo and dredd come from criminal stock.  Unfortunately I gave up the Megazine before I found out.

Was it never revealed or am I just a rambling, yet sparkling and witty, madman?  :)

To me the clue was always in the chin.

Thread Zero:
Well Judge Fargo wasn't called Judge Bestardi (Al's surname) so I don't think so you are on to something here...


Leigh S:
IIRC, Als Baby was written for another magazine that either folded or never came out.  I order to include it in the Megazine instead, Wagner added the one page intro to shoehorn it(very loosely) into Dredd continuity. Given it was written for different publication all together, I doubt Wagner ever had any intention of making  the young kid Fargo.  Given the childs demonic qualities in the follow up, he was more likely to become President Booth!

Well, a name is easily changed.  It also seemed strange to have included this big chinned family into the timeline before Dredd and Fargo.  I wasn't convinced that the baby would be Fargo (hey, people change), but maybe that it was fargo's dad.  I think it would be a fantastic origin for the Dredd line and I'll continue to hope its true even if John Wagner pins me down and tattoo's a big 'No' on my head.  

I don't think i read much when the baby was born, was it any good.  I always had a soft spot for the story.


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