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I have a list of thrills which have been reprinted but which fail to link to their originals, either because the story title doesn't match, or the original data is missing. Please could you have a look at them and email or post any you can find.

The code for where the story is reprinted is in bold.


WakeLink: Lost Thrills

Thread Zero:
Wake here are a few for you.

Sleeze WAS in Volume 3, No 40 of the MEG April 1998

The Walter the wobot one page series ran from  2000AD progs 50-61, 67-68, 84-85

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse
There was an untitled Dredd strip in the 1987 2k sci-fi special that featured the horsemen of the apocalypse, so I guess this is the one you are looking for.
Script by Wagner and Grant, Art by Collins and Farmer.

The Urge was a 2k Dredd story. Progs 482 to 483. Robin Smith was the artist.

I think I can help with some of the others but I haven't the time at the mo.



O Lucky Stevie!:
goodnight, scojo!

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Steven l'enfant terrible

Thanks for those...though as far as Walter is concerned, I need to know which of his stories were reprinted in those issues.

Sleaze was misspelt Sleeze in the reprint list
The Urge is the the database as Perp Aid
I've added The Horseman of the Apocalupse to SCIFI87



Thread Zero:
qdredd35: The Law According to Judge Dredd not found in 2000AD

It was Wake! Progs 474-475. Art by Kevin O'Neill. One of my all time fav Dredd tales too.

qdredd25: Cits stone man in Hank Wangford underblock. None of them no why, they'd just heard that he'd done bad things. They are all brainwashed to forget the incident and there is a news blackout. not found in 2000AD

I think it's called Rumours Can Kill. Prog 469. Ian Gibson art. Best to confirm that one though Wake!

qdredd21: Frankenstein 2 not found in 2000AD

Frankenstein 2 was in prog 6. McMahon doing the art. Oh the memories!



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