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As I often have to travel quite a bit for work I love podcasts.

Some of my favourites -

The Black Tapes
Myths & Legends Podcast
Welcome to Night Vale
In Our Time
Soundtracking with Edith Bowman
The Adam Buxton Podcast
Uncanny County

I'll have to check out those.

The ones I always keep coming back to are:
2000AD Thrill-Cast (of course)
Kermode & Mayo's film reviews
This American Life (human interest and reporting)
Fighting Talk (sports comedy quiz)

Recently blasted through Untold : The Daniel Morgan Murder podcast.

Couldn't recommend it highly enough. Brilliantly presented, heartbreaking and shines a light on some of the institutions in modern society that are badly letting us all down.

Also recommend Crime In Sports. Two yanks rip the piss out of sportspeople who have turned to crime. Hilarious and sobering in equal parts.

Steve Green:
Yeah the Adam Buxton ones are great.

I've been working my way backwards through the Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre podcasts, back through As it Occurs to Me and the Collings and Herrin ones.

It's weird revisiting anything topical.

I did enjoy RHLSTP (as all the cool kids are calling it) for a while but I'm starting to find him increasingly annoying and decreasingly funny - and as he digs deeper into his pool of comic mates, I find I've never heard of a lot of them.

If you're cherry-picking however, the Peter Serafinowitz one is a classic for his Star Wars stories.


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