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I've taken delivery of the PARAGON annual and they look ridiculously good!

90 pages of utterly brilliant comic strips from fantastically talented creators such as Greg Meldrum, Scott Twells, Filipo Roncone (Blazer), Jason Cobley (Brawler), Mark Howard (Zarjaz), Garen Ewing (The Phoenix), Tom Proudfoot and George Coleman (Zarjaz), Tom Newell (2000AD), Alex Mines(Topps Star Wars cards), Dirk Van Dom and Matt McLoughlin.

Due to a couple of dropped pledges via Kickstarter I have copies still available, so if you'd like a treat this Christmas visit the blogspot (, click the paypal link and buy yourself a bloody good hardback book - you'll not regret it!

All books and orders have now gone out first class so everyone should have their annual before Christmas (as long as the postie keeps up his end of the bargain!)

Let me know when they start to arrive safely and more importantly, what you think of it!  :D

The Legendary Shark:

Just got mine and it's a lovely book indeed - the quality is top-notch. Buy one!

Barrington Boots:
Mine rocked up this morning and it's looking very good indeed! The quality is lovely and the passion is evident. I'm delighted to see a wordsearch in there too!

Thanks chaps! Hope you enjoy it  :D


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