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SPACEWARP - New Venture from Pat Mills

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Opening paragraph of the blog post...


If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to create a comic like 2000 AD, now is your chance to find out. To experience the highs, the lows, the creative jamming with artists, the excitement of breakthroughs and the disappointments when things go wrong. Then the satisfaction of solving those problems, getting the art right, the stories right, the thrill of seeing amazing new artwork, and the knowledge that we are facilitating great new talent who, otherwise, might be stuck in some boring job. And finally, the thrill of viewing the finished awesome comic.

So pull up a ringside seat, because that’s what I’m intending to do with SPACE WARP.

Sounds interesting (and it should as it is pretty much FutureQuake he's describing) and with Pat at the helm this is bound to be a solid read.

I'm in!

Thought it was going to be the next in the Read 'Em and Weep or Be Pure... series until I followed the link.

Looks interesting, will have to compare and contrast with the all-ages FCBD offering last year.

Looks very interesting, and I’m interested in getting this.

Curious about this though: “Introduced by alien robot editor Schlock” . Pat Mills has said that he came to disagree with 2000AD having a fictional Editor in Tharg, so I wonder why he decided to do this. Then again, part of the reason for this project is to test if a similar comic to the original 2000AD would work, again, so maybe that’s why, I.e have all components present and see how they work in the current world.

Also Schlock also seems to be the name of an alien freedom fighter fighting against a human empire* in one of the strips (as it’s a work I’m progress, maybe that will change) and while I think Future Shock type tales are always a good idea in an anthology,  calling them Future Schlocks....? Really?

Overall a good idea, and interesting that they’re presenting the background and production stuff publicly.

Despite the description of certain tales being a bit too similar to stuff that’s been in the Prog, there is variety, and they may do different things with the stuff that seems similar. One bloke vs dinosaurs does seem different to a whole bunch of cowboys, for example.

Anyway, we’ll see.

*Sound familiar?

Why male-oriented? :/


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