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Friday chat - what's happening with you?

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This weekend I'll be speniding Saturday lettering comics for and Australian self publisher working on a pair of books, a one-shot GN for a scottish publisher and then I'll be trying to get the cover to the new Zarjaz ready.

On Sunday I'll be mostly driving - Plymouth and back (from the Brum wastes) to return Micro-Bolt to University then getting my stuff together ready to start the working week.

That's me - what about you lot?

Who's going to a gig? Comic show?

On Saturday we're going to be visiting my girlfriend's sister.  I'll be taking along a few comics to prog slog blog on the train (in notepad, copying into wordpress when I get home).

Trooper McFad:
Friday & Saturday prepping the house for the Kids & Dogs as Sunday me and the good wife head up to Inverness for a couple of nights R&R 😉

Colin YNWA:
Without wishing to turn this into the politics thread the family are heading into town Saturday (Sheffield) to protest recent developments.

My eldest's very best virtually-conjoined mate has moved away, so I'll be trying to keep him busy with something other than endlessly texting her. Also hoping to paint some minis and do some sea swimming while the water remains worryingly warm.


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