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Friday chat - what's happening with you?

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My girlfriend is off to visit her sister for a few days. This will make for a great day tomorrow, as me and my mate will be off down the seafront for a relaxed all day piss up.
After that, I'll be lonely and bored until she returns (but I'll console myself with films and comics which I need to catch up on).

mix of bad and good - Working till 8pm Friday and back in at 8am Saturday, so no Friday night shenanigans for me.

However, my niece is coming up for the weekend and I've not seen her for a couple of years, so looking forward to a night out with the clan on Saturday.

Link Prime:
Really busy weekend ahead;

Firstly, heading over to the UK for a bit of harmless mischief - rolling out some tyre spikes along the motorways near Plymouth and Inverness.
Then heading down to Sheffield Saturday morning - got drafted in to assist the police force taser a few pinkos.
Back to Dublin on Sunday, will head over to Dun Laoghaire for a piss in the sea that morning, before meeting some geeks girlfriend in the Royal Marine Hotel.
Poor fool has no idea, he'll probably be at home reading comics!

LOL. as I believe the kids would rather I never said...

von Boom:
Revisiting the south of France, figuratively speaking. Looks like there'll be no holiday this year so we're spending this weekend eating and drinking like we did on our last holiday to Nice. Lots of wine, bread, cheese, and fish. Won't be exactly the same, but hopefully it captures some of the feeling.


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