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Janus Stark from Rebellion/ Treasury of British Comics

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My copy of this arrived today, a whole week before I was expecting it. And by crikey, it's a lovely thing. Yes, its "magazine format", not a "proper paperback", but yes it does have a spine. Sadly though the spine is just solid black with no identifying text. But at least it's there. And that is literally the only thing even a grumpy old tossed like me can moan about because everything else is beautiful. Even the heavy paper stock is gorgeous.

Obviously I've not read it yet, because i want to savour it and currently my wife is wobbling about giving up Gregg's sausage rolls and going to Argos.

When I've read it, i will comment. At the moment suffice to say it features the strips from Smash! 15th March to 7th June 1969. And its lovely.


O Lucky Stevie!:
Stevie's ordered his copy & fingers crossed that it lobs up in Oz this side of Crimbo.

Just noticed volume 2 is in the Shop now and available. Duly ordered.

janus stark:
imagine my surprise when i saw this . then i realise its not about me.

I see that volume 3 is up for pre-order but in digital only. That's a bit disappointing having bought the previous 2 in hard copy.


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