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PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X mega-thread!

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Professor Bear:
A lot of what they promised last time was dependent on being introduced alongside dystopian DRM measures, always-on internet, and various other money-squeezing tactics like one-use discs, but for there was a lot of pushback against a mandatory front-facing camera and microphone that constantly monitors your use of the console to ensure that only one person is playing a game or watching a movie.
My main memory of why I resisted shifting to PS4 will be that Sony took two years to implement media playback - which could then only be done from an external hard drive - despite capturing and storing video not only being built into the machine from day one, but there was even a dedicated button on the fucking controller for just that purpose.  It was just a tactic to get you using subscription-based apps on the console, and the media player they did eventually implement on PS4 is legendarily awful.

I, Cosh:
Will probably get a PS5 in about three or four years once there's a few decent exclusive games to get.


--- Quote from: I, Cosh on 15 June, 2020, 09:03:46 AM ---Will probably get a PS5 in about three or four years once there's a few decent exclusive games to get.

--- End quote ---

Seconded.  Besides loading times, there's not really much else to attract me.  Plus my existing console works fine, and I have a ton of unfinished games for it.  It plays my DVDs and Blurays to a good standard, and already accommodates 3D for a 3D-ready TV or through PSVR.  4K streaming/disc play?  Not massively interested.

If it is retailing at £500 it is going to take a large drop in price and superb quality games to make my PS4 obsolete.

Ghost MacRoth:
Pretty much what them 2 said.  No reason to upgrade yet.

I'm thinking of purchasing a machine after about a decade in the wilderness, but I'd be more likely to wait till the new generations are released, then just purchase a reduced PS4 and grab a pile of games, hopefully at reduced prices.


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