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Not a bad meg per se maybe I got spoiled by Megatropolis and Dreadnoughts the last few months. Let us give the new stories some time to breath.

Dredd - Another of Niemand’s character focus stories as he adds another character to his grown-list of characters that “made” it. The story itself was a quick done and dusted one, quite enjoyable read.

Devlin – A good start to the new arc and hopefully more will be revealed about our demon friend. Let the secrets out people.

Diamond Dogs – A solid start to the new story and let us see how the resurrection unfolds the next few episodes.

The Returner – This will be the last chapter in this series and starts with a trip to a jungle. As with the previous arcs how our team ends up where they are is quite mysterious and hopefully, we will get the answers in the finale. Some nice imagery here as well especially the use of colour.

Deliverance – This round the story gives us some background and context about what happened and how the cult was formed. Next some interesting new developments as the true nature of the cult leader is revealed. Finally, the end game is near. A great episode and as always great art by Nick.


--- Quote from: ianlineham@yahoo.com on 17 May, 2021, 07:31:00 PM ---Niemamd definitely developing a stable of characters

--- End quote ---

Lets hope that they are used and not left hanging in the wind like some 'other' writers do  :)

Yep, no complaints about this Meg- any feeling as of it throttling back a gear are purely down to the presence of Dreadnoughts and Megatropolis recently, and the continuing lack of Lawless. That said, I very much like the Ales Klot Devlin, and Titty, and this one was a strong opener- Poor Titty! I gasped a "No!" at that final page, which is always a sign of a strip hitting the mark.

Diamond Dogs, Deliverance and The Returners were all solid and enjoyable, this Dredd story was one I particularly liked, and the Encyclopedia has now proved it's worth and I'm enjoying flicking through it, filing it away, and promising to read it all when it's done.

Fab cover too.


Colin YNWA:
Yeah its not that this is a bad Meg. In fact far from it, its just its not the Meg of late and that's been a very hard act to follow.

Dredd... hmmm... hmmm... not Niemand's finest. The end drew far too easily from Oz and again it screamed - more to come from this one too folks. Sometimes the story needs to be a story and not a set up or introduction and this one needed it and didn't get it.

Devlin Waugh was fantastic brooding and dramatic and all the glitz and glamour was clearly distraction to drew you in and the end entralling and compelling. The reason the end was so good. Well folks do seem to get distracted that Titty is a dildo and I think that's a deliberate distraction too. Some folks care about that as if that's important and I get the impression that all Ales Kot and Mike Dowling care about is that he's a bloody great character and all the rubber penis thing does is draw attention to him and the fact he's a bloody great character. And so smoke and mirrors dispensed with that ending matters cos Titty matters. Brilliant writing, glorious art a triumph.

Diamond Dogs sorry I've not been made to care yet.

The Returners is a great series and this is a cool start and we need to see how it goes

Deliverance side steps a little and I found this one a diversion I didn't buy into. I suspect once read back it will work but I'll still very engaged and can't wait for the final part.

Have read the text pieces yet BUT damn is the encyclopedia an excerise in bemusement. I hope if it all gets pulled together it all gets a bloody good edit as this would be amazing I just don't think its been well put together as a single work yet.

Sean SD:
My Top 3 for Meg 432

1st - Dredd - story from the undercity. Bob's back, don't mess with him.
2nd - Deliverance - backstory on Kalula and the Mortarians. amazing work by Percival
3rd - Devlin Waugh - well constructed start to the next series


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