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2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 2021

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Funt Solo:
*droool* - I get to index a Dreddverse crossover event!  :o


--- Quote from: moldovangerbil on 07 July, 2021, 01:25:07 PM ---Has anyone who ordered this through the webshop had their copy yet or even had notification of dispatch?


--- End quote ---
Not a peep. Not uncommon for the webstore I think. I pre-order most books via them and usually see them available elsewhere before they dispatch.

Here is interview with some of the creators of the special:


Interesting last question to Matt:

So… if we are looking ahead to 2022 and the 45th anniversary of 2000 AD, what can we look forward to?

MS: What is The Citadel? Find out in a new unmissable Judge Dredd story by John Wagner and Dan Cornwell, starting in the 45th anniversary prog!

I was let down by it.  This was a Megazine Summer Special, not a 2000ad one. 

It was ok, I wasnt really taken by Tom Foster on Chopper, he's an excellent draftsman but the art didnt have that kinetic pop a Chopper strip should have.

Was nice to see Robin Smith back.  Never liked his stuff as a kid but it looked really nice here, a change of style without being totally unrecognisable.

The Enigmatic Dr X:
Judging by the prog delivery schedule, I am sure this will hit my central Scotland home by Christmas.


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