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How to put this?  I've thought for a while that it'd be nice to have threads on ongoing stories - like the prog and meg spoiler threads but focussing on stories that span multiple progs.  Plus, with sporadic consumption of progs (I'm one of those who supports their friendly local comic shop) due to lockdowns, changes in opening hours and generally getting batches of progs every month or so instead of every week like I used to up to March in 2020, this week is the first time I've actually gotten my hands on a prog on the day it was published!  Hopefully this shall be wildly popular and complement the existing prog threads.

Anyway, so this thread can be for the first story in jumping-on prog 2250.
Judge Dredd - The Hard Way
script droid: Rob Williams & Arthur Wyatt
art droid: Jake Lynch
colouring droid: Jim Boswell
lettering droid: Annie Parkhouse

p.s. obviously I won't start any threads for one-offs, as they're already served in the usual prog threads.

Oh yes, and I kind of missed out part of the explanation - side-effect of sporadic batches means that the weekly threads mount up and get a bit difficult to catch up on, whereas story-specific threads are easier to pick-and-choose if you really want to discern deeper meaning about a story weeks after it was first published (or have a rant about how good/bad it is).

Nice background explainer and prologue here


I have enjoyed following Maitland for a long time, from her first (?) appearance in The Bean Counter, through Trifecta, The Small House and Control. However I am not a regular prog reader, just dipping in and out when the mood grabs me, so I confess I have yet to read "Carry the Nine".

It looks like that four-parter could be mandatory reading.

Is there is enough material for a future collected edition that features Carry The Nine, The Red Queen’s Gambit and all six parts of The Hard Way? Anything else that would warrant inclusion?

Leigh S:
Any story in which an accountant is the ultimate hero really doesn't feel like it sits well in the 2000AD as Uncle Pat oringially concieved it....


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