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Prog 2252 - Depth Charge!

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Colin YNWA:
So if last weeks Prog was a bit of a steady Eddy second part plateau we learn a little more about or thrills this time and where they are heading and how they will get there.

Dredd hhmmmm not too sure, its just more FIGHT. Rob Williams need to do a Dredd were he shows that he knows you don't need to smash Dredd with bigger harder baddies to make a good story. Its fun, action packed and has some good crankin' up the tension... I'm just not sure what it has to say and why it feels a need to say it.

Diaboliks shows us how its done, chilling, yet amusing, a quick dose of angelic violence to keep us thrilled and then blister end to keep us driving through. Wonderful stuff, gets the balance just right and is moving along nicely.

Scarlet Traces stunning, stunning art and while the two scene tale is still very steady we do seem to be going somewhere.

Pandora Perfect is blistering along, as we've seen in previous stories just as Pandora seems to have it all in hand, the tale has a sting in it and the heist has a hitch. And since this is a big and longer story the hitch... well it shows it can be upscaled. This is fantastic, fun, frolicing and delightful and agains wonderous visuals.

The Out - arh The Out, its not changin' for anyone and it has no reason to do so. This episode is just brilliant as the new theme of exploring humans escaping to the edge is quickly explored and its done in a darkly hilarious way. In three tiny vignettes we see what Cyd gets what she wishes for and might just regret it. Fantastic, FANTASTIC stuff.

So yeah three triumphs and the other two ain't bad - so I think we're happy with this one. Its got a real punch compared to last time.

Lots of good this issue, but I think my favourite thing was Tharg’s reply about John Smith. Nice to see he’d be welcomed back if he so chose to start writing comics again.

Pandora Perfect > The Out > Scarlet Traces > Diaboliks > Dredd

Again, all well beyond the line of doom.

Bad City Blue:
Nice to see Droid Life being funny for the first time in bloody ages.

Dark Jimbo:

--- Quote from: IndigoPrime on 04 October, 2021, 10:20:03 PM ---Lots of good this issue, but I think my favourite thing was Tharg’s reply about John Smith. Nice to see he’d be welcomed back if he so chose to start writing comics again.

--- End quote ---

He's always been really clear about that whenever it comes up. The second Indigo Prime volume from the UC goes into a lot of detail about what happened with the Smiths (Matt and John) and where everybody stands.

Barrington Boots:
Swift thoughts from me. Loved the cover on this weeks Prog, that's exactly the sort of thing that'd make me pick it up on a whim.

Dredd I'm enjoying this, it was always going to boil down to Dredd vs a novelty hitman each week. This is a fun story that's balancing horrible violence and black humour very well. Just sheer enjoyment.

Diaboliks Not enjoying this sadly.

Scarlet Traces Storytelling episode. I'd forgotten a lot of this bit of the plot but this caught me up nicely. I know the quality of art on Progs is generally high, but this is just absolutey top tier stuff.

Pandora Perfect takes a bit of an unexpected turn (not the double-cross, we all saw that coming). It feels a little like resetting the setup, and I'm not finding the pacing quite as good as the shorter stories, but that's a minor thing as it's a fun, easy read and I've confidence this will unfold into a good tale. Looks great.

The Out - This just does what it likes from episode to episode. Not in a bad way. Whilst I'm not as high on this as others, I think it's a great story.


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