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--- Quote from: Dark Jimbo ---Well, to paraphrase a bit - Matt Smith explains that the first script for A Dying Art was delivered in July 2014. The second in October 2015. Then complete radio silence, and no reply to emails. In 2016 MS learned that JS had suffered a personal tragedy and gave him some breathing space. Conscious that he was sitting on 'the best part of three grand's worth of unpublished material', (Lee Carter had already done the art) MS tried to contact JS again from late 2016 onward, resorting to texts and postal letters. Everything went unanswered, so MS told JS that he's welcome to submit stories again any time but he has to give Indigo Prime to someone else to finish, and Devlin Waugh too (as JS had been promising the next DW story since 2008). At the end MS reiterates that JS would be welcome back any time, but that as far as he knows JS hasn't written a comic script since 2015 (which seems to be true).

--- End quote ---

Late thank-you for this - sounds like a more detailed and clear laying out of the bits and pieces we'd picked up on here and elsewhere, and a door left open (even if it seems unlikely John will be stepping back through)

Enjoying this run with another solid prog.

Dredd – Nice action filled episode. Enjoying this one

Diaboliks – As the price is retrieved our gang set-up their new target. Good storytelling by Rennie and Fuso’s art works with the overall story.

Scarlet Traces – Edginton continues world building and D’Israeli continues to dazzle us with his switching of styles. Great stuff. Numero Uno this week

Pandora – Well, well some back-stabbing as our distinguish lady “faces” the music/bars. Little bit “darker” than usual but still great fun.

The Out – This episode I am not sure what to make of it but one thing I can say is that Abnett is giving us in interesting twist each episode. This one felt like sending a post card to one off our lease beloved family members.

Sean SD:
My Top 3 for Prog 2252

Another good prog all round and I do enjoy a letters page

1st - The Out - "Wanna come in for a bite" lol

2nd - Dredd - Action aplenty

3rd -  Scarlet Traces - Amazing colour palette


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