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Prog 2253 - Empire state of emergency!

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Colin YNWA:
I mean they've worked that tagline haven't they!

Well its pretty much as you were isn't it - which given we were in a good place is no bad thing at all.

Dredd remains a solid action adventure thrill. A bit more harking to the past from Rob Williams, personally would like him to rope that in a bit but this one is undeniable fun - of little more.

Diaboliks is a dark and nasty action adventure thrill this week, but the dark tones do hold a little more. Its hellish hard not to love this one.

Pandora Perfect remains a frothy, zesty action adventure romp, Pandora escapes and visits new worlds and this story mines the world of fun (see what I did there) - its just delightful.

Scarlet Traces becomes a very effective wary action adventure this week, all explosions and counter attacks on martians. Ian Edginton doing what he can sometimes forget to do - so not tell. Excellent episode.

The Out remains the strip that defies the rest! Its a wonderful episode again as Cyd finds a new way to go out to try to reclaim her missing bag and... well nice cliffhanger. Its hilarious and just fantastic.

So yeah another winning Prog and an up tick in Scarlet Traces mean its improved event on a fine Prog last week. RESULT!

Empire State of emergency though TUT, even I struggle with that one!

Cover by D'Israeli:

Cover and Logo:

Barrington Boots:
I really like the tagline this week. It's the kind of laboured joke I can get behind. Pretty solid Prog inside.

Dredd Great stuff. Maitland and Dredd are very capable in this story, which is good: the naked futsie assassin fares about as well as you'd think but I hope that isn't the end of Sentienoid who has been my favourite character so far. The assassin reveal at the end could be very interesting depending on how it goes. I don't think we've had enough of this kind of Dredd take for a while. I'm into it. Jake Lynch is killing it on this strip, too.

Diaboliks Reading it every week but nothing in it working for me sadly. The Caravaggio though! Argh!

Pandora Perfect The structure is a lot looser than the single episodes and I think that's to it's detriment. The plot is moving at a real pace though and it's unpredictable and interesting enough to keep me engaged. Just lovely work by Brett Parson throughout.

Scarlet Traces All about the visuals this week. Really beautifully realised. Is the guy on the first page weeping for the loss of his alcohol on the molotov cocktail? Top notch.

The Out Another change of tack, good as ever without being outstanding. However, for me, this strip isn't as as funny as it thinks it is so I'm hoping this will be balanced by a bit more drama. I do like the lack of exposition around anything alien - it makes it so.. alien!

Interview with Dan Abnett on The Out:



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