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--- Quote from: Hawkmumbler on 21 October, 2021, 12:20:36 PM ---Show me on the doll where Tom Green hurt you...

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I think this is enough:

Rip Torns best performance. Pure surrealism.

It Follows

Sexually transmitted ghost?  Is this film trying to say something?  If it is, I actually missed it because it does come across as pretty straight forward.  It's a decent film.  It kind of burns slow, has very nicely framed shots and builds a lot of tension with relatively little effort.  There are some almost cliche techniques utilised in this film, but it's not aggressive and distracting.  And yeah, it does follow.  And it's really creepy.

Also, here is a film with an actual ambiguous ending.  I like it here.  I think it works in the context of the film.  Keeps it all unsettling.  It's good, because no catharsis is offered in this film.  Exposition is kept to a minimum.  Although, when I think about it I wonder how they know as much as they do.

So yeah, pretty decent.  One of the better films I've watched so far this month.


I've seen Freejack a long ago. I think I was still in elementary school then, and I guess it entertained me enough then. In the present times, I was only mildly entertained. And only because of Mick Jagger's the best worst roll. Plus, the Scorpions' end tune. And the sequence in Anthony Hopkins' mind is mindblowing, quite close actually to space-time traveling sequence from 2001. The plot is paper-thin; all interesting, but chewed-up ideas why the society is fucked up, are left aside. Yet, chewed they are, I wished that film dealt more with socially intriguing ideas, such as transferring one's mind into another body. Emilio Estevez and Rene Russo make a very unlikely couple. And I wished that film ended on an atypical happy ending route (Anthony Hopkins surviving in Emilio's body - that would make everyone's happy, right?)


I'm doing it!  I'm invested and I'm doing all the Doug Bradley Hellraisers.  Wish me luck as a retread some old ground and finally watch 6, 7 and 8.  The last time I watched all the Hellraiser films there were only 5, but I did rewatch the first more recently.  And I didn't enjoy it that time around.  Much like an experience I had with The Crow I was disappointed once I saw the tattered edges and fraying stitches.  Having a better understanding of the films failures it was nice to revisit this film once again.  I adored it as a kid and was really drawn in with Franks resurrection and the Cenobites.  I actually felt a little nostalgia for that experience.  The Cenobites are imposing, threatening and intimidating but don't do a great deal themselves.  The real horror is with Frank and Julia.  The whole thing is really melodramatic and Andrew Robinson is fun to watch, as ever.

Some of the effects are a real mixed bag.  Some are charming, some are goofy, some are excellent and some are terrible.  The setting is weird.  I'm not entirely sure this film is explicitly set in England.  Just looked it up and it was originally intended to be in the UK, but New World convinced Barker to set it in the US and he did overdubbing for some of accents.  I was going to mention some of the dubbing was bad, so this is probably the reason why.  OK, well, I'm holding it against the film because it is just confusing.

The house being the main setting is a problem for me too.  The house design is not good for filming and the limited shots and angles become very noticeable through their constant repetition.  I also found it difficult to keep track of the geography of the shots which had a negative effect on the flow of action.  These are the major reasons I had a bad time watching it the last time because it just looks cheap and amateurish.

Overall I had a good time.  It is engaging.  The pacing is good, the story is interesting, the lore and world-building has a lot of intrigue.  It is very aggressive in it's BDSM representation and I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing.  It's certainly something that all the sequels I watched couldn't get right if they even bothered to do so.  I don't know why, it's pretty clear in the film "Demons to some, Angels to others".

Looking forward to watching Hellbound tonight.  It's been about twenty years and I'm curious how much of it I remember.


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