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I'm thinking of stuff like Ro-Jaws and Hammerstein (Rogers & Hammerstein), the Slavers of Drule and all those other puns and references that drifted gracefully over my head as a kid...  (Some of 'em still do.)

Anyway, I just spotted a 1949 Schlitz advert in a Grauniad New York photo gallery (http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/gallery/2012/jan/06/new-york-photography-in-pictures#/?picture=384053709&index=4) sporting the slogan: "The beer that made Milwaukee famous"...

I guess that's where the Dredd classic "The Fear that made Milwaukee famous" came from.  I live and learn!

The Adventurer:
Had one happen to me just yesterday. I was at work, working. And I got thinking about the Prog 2012 Sinister Dexter story. I started wondering what kind of pun 'Ms. Deeds' was suppose to be because I know Abnett loves his Sin-Dex puns.

There wasn't a face slap hard enough when it finally clicked.

Speaking of Sinister Dexter, my son has been learning about Rome at school recently and has been marching around the house pretending to be a Centurion, chanting "Sinister, dexter, sinister, dexter..."

Apparently it means 'Left, right' in Latin.

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother!" in Return of Rico seemed to me a really odd thing for Dredd to say. It was many years later when the song was used in a beer advert that I realised it came from a Hollies song.

We had a thread about this a few years ago, but it's always nice to see if any new ones pop up. I'm duty bound to mention "Mach Zero" ("Macho") again, and to wonder if this time we'll get a conclusion to the "say Tharg's name five times rapidly" question...



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