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New David Cronenberg Film.


David Cronenberg new movie is already in Production. If the Variety blurb is anything to go by, a shock fest extravaganza is on the cards. Whoopee!

Reusing the title (but not the plot) of the 1970 short-film.  Interesting.

I've fallen out of love with Croneberg of late, as his output has been patchy at best.
Let's hope that this is more of a return to form, harking back to his greats like Rabid and Videodrome

I still love me some Cronenberg, super excited for this! His more recent work hasn't tickled my fancy quite as much as the early, funny ones, but he's a filmmaker unafraid to push his intellect in the audience's face, in a way I always enjoy.

Meanwhile, Fast Company has just turned up on Amazon Prime - looking forward to plugging that obscure gap on his filmography!


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