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Doctor Who: Russell T Davies returns as programme showrunner

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Batman's Superior Cousin:

Colin YNWA:
Well that's interesting... and I've also no idea whether its good or bad news. Returning to things like this always feels like a sticky wicket. It could also be very backward looking... but he'll have developed as a writer and show runner. Would surely (???) only return if he wanted to do new and different things.

At the time the relaunch was a success so... well it feels awkward but you never know could be good news...

... if nothing else it'll certainly get folks talking!

Leigh S:
WEll my immediate reaaction was cheering...

Then remembering he was championing Olly Alexander as 14th Doctor (hopefully a cover to make us not consider him as the new showrunner)

Then remembering I disliked much of Tennant Era

Possibly my reaction was postive as I had coincidentally spent the day watching a reaction video series to series 1 - got to love Eccleston!

I think it’s good news. Too many episodes have failed to engage me since he left, so hopefully he can inject some excitement back.

Leigh S:
The only thing we can be certaain of with this news is no chance of an Eccleston appearance for the 60th then!


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