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Off Topic / Re: Real life accidents on film/tv sets
« on: 16 October, 2021, 03:52:04 PM »
Can't believe Ken Ogata actually committed suicide at the end of Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters.

Absolute giga chad.

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 16 October, 2021, 03:48:44 PM »
Greggs is shite, Carrs Pasties are where its at as any self respecting northerner will attest.

Books & Comics / Re: Comics we're excited about in 2022
« on: 15 October, 2021, 09:07:14 PM »
I've been very hot and cold on Junji Itos post Hellstar Remina work but any new collection from the man remains a tome to anticipate.

Film & TV / Re: 007: No time to die
« on: 15 October, 2021, 11:37:44 AM »
'Me chugging on a magnum bottle of Dr Pepper 5 hours into Satatangos 8 hour runtime'

Pffft, amateurs.

Books & Comics / Re: Kiss His Cape..?
« on: 15 October, 2021, 10:54:10 AM »
How in gods name do you create characters sans sexuality, sensuality, and agency? That's not a character, that's a cipher.

Genuinely baffling take.

Books & Comics / Re: Kiss His Cape..?
« on: 14 October, 2021, 08:58:55 AM »
Hasn't Constantine been bi for years (forever?)? He was certainly bi in the Spurrier run.

I have some vague notion that it was at least strongly implied in the Azzarello run (which I haven't read) and has been solidified since then.

Aye, Johnny boy even explicitly stated he had a passionate and frantic relationship with King Shark so our guy really doesn't seem too fussy what his type is.

Books & Comics / Re: Cinebooks
« on: 14 October, 2021, 08:56:39 AM »
I really must get around to actually reading NEMIBIA as I enjoyed Kenya a few years back. Hoping to pick up a few things at the Cinebooks table at TB next month, been a hot few years since I had the pleasure.

Off Topic / Re: Life is riddled with a procession of minor impediments
« on: 11 October, 2021, 05:09:23 PM »
Glad to know its a universal nuisance. Anyway, already landed a new job at the same rate of pay so my anxiety over having to cancel the move has pretty much been averted.

Peaks and valleys and all that.

General / Re: Life Spugs because...
« on: 09 October, 2021, 04:19:08 PM »
unless someone finds a way to post from beyond the grave.

Important footnote: THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE.

Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« on: 09 October, 2021, 11:17:20 AM »
I'm mildly baffled by folks being outraged at all the sexual content when Gene Rodenberry was a massive horndog who wanted orgies in Trek since TOS.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 08 October, 2021, 10:41:08 PM »
It is an enticing bit that the film ends just as old green lad is about to commit Gawain to the trial of three swings. Leaving it entirely ambiguous just how much it adheres to the original prose poem.

Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« on: 08 October, 2021, 07:53:26 PM »
Binged both seasons of STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS over the last few days. Cor, was not expecting to be as smitten as I am. I'm neither particularly a Trekkie, though I retain a strong respect for the franchise and really must commit to watching at least one iteration in its entirety, nor adult animation as a very hit and miss movement.

But gosh, ST:LD is not only incredibly, delightfully daft and at times side achingly funny, but unexpectedly endearing, well written, and just an all around blast.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 08 October, 2021, 04:14:29 PM »
"The proximity of the helicopter to the special effects explosions was due to the failure to establish direct communications and coordination between the pilot, who was in command of the helicopter operation, and the film director, who was in charge of the filming operation."
-NTSC AAR, 30/10/84

Film & TV / Re: 007: No time to die
« on: 08 October, 2021, 03:39:30 PM »
I'd go so far as to say its been the overarching theme of the Craig era. Very odd take to say its an un-Bond element when James had at least one legitimate kid in the novels...

Off Topic / Re: Life is riddled with a procession of minor impediments
« on: 08 October, 2021, 02:48:13 PM »
Not often I'd describe redundancy as a 'minor impediment' but as I decided to resign from my management role of a indie picture house after just one month it really was the best option for me. I put a not inconsiderable amount of work into attempting to sustain the venture under great pressures, as well as make the preparations and research required to advance the brand to the next stage of its development, efforts for which where promptly shot down, all while dealing with some frequently toxic circumstances.
Things came to ahead last weekend when I realized I was effectively a manager without agency or authority, and was mostly being used as a front and fall guy for the owner, and decided the time to move on was right. Its infuriating that a dream job in a field you adore opens up but proves unviable due to clashing philosophies on how to handle the business.

I hope I can eventually settle into the same role elsewhere, as I was good at it  and enjoyed it greatly, in spite of the hinderances.

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