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: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: broodblik 14 April, 2021, 04:13:46 AM
Cover by Richard Elson:

: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: broodblik 14 April, 2021, 04:14:09 AM
Cover and Logo:

: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: broodblik 14 April, 2021, 04:19:15 AM
A good solid prog with a good cover by Richard Elson.

Dredd – The story has now taken an interesting few twist and turns. Niemand does know how to deliver a good Dredd and Tom Foster’s art just works miracles with the script. After last week’s “disappointment” the story do come to the party. 

Thistlebone – The slow burning flame continues to illuminate the road. The last panel is a bright light shining in your face.

Deadworld – This round we go a prequel just before the fall, not as dark and twisted as the visions before but still some creepy stuff on display.

Chorus – For a 3riller we do get a lot of back-story and the plot as always moves with a blistering pace. The art of Colin is excellent, and I do find the premises interesting. For me this is a good 3riller so far, not the best but good enough.

Feral & Foe – Let me say this, this is a great read. Enjoying each panel and the laugh-o-meter is turned to full blast. Elson’s art is brilliant and Abnett as always is Abnett. Top thrill again this week

On a final note a certain axe will replace a vision next week
: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: TordelBack 14 April, 2021, 07:18:54 AM
Dredd: The story appears to have the looked-for depth, although a rather bland Arthur seems somewhat unconcerned at the possibility of bent judges in the SJS. There was a bit of a missed opportunity to reference Williams' Gerhardt as a former SJS contact. Foster continues to be a treat,  especially the holodeck design, but those really are some spindly Lawmaster handles! Engaging stuff.

Thistlebone. Wasn't expecting to see Avril again, that was unsettling. My sole reservation about this excellent strip is that I wish I had some sense of who Seema is, beyond a narrative device.

Feral & Foe.The lighter tone and heavier Whedonspeak are taking a bit of getting used to, but I loved the Necromancer. Always enjoyable.

3Riller. Wears its influences on its sleeve, but great action from Collins, a lovely sleekness to the helmet-wimple, and a memorable psycho-Pontiff. A solid final part could make this a hit.

Deadworld.  Now that is a twist! Eastwood is my favourite thing about Deadworld, beyond the gut-churning art and general twisted misery itself, so very happy to see her past fleshed-out. These shorts have been great. Pick of the litter this week.
: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: Barrington Boots 14 April, 2021, 11:50:06 AM
Good prog this week!

Dredd: Glad to see we were all wrong in our premature moans last week and that there is more story here to be found. Dredd himself is written quite well this week, although Buell does seem a bit weary and broken. Asher on the other hand seems like a legit good egg, so I fully expect Dredd to kill him at the end. Tom Foster's art is really great.

Thistlebone. This is what I was looking for last week - creepy factor ractcheting up. I've no issues with the slow pace and I feel like this could run and run. That last panel is brilliant, but kudos for a very accurate portrayal of the inside of a generic Travelodge room to boot.

Deadworld.  Who else was expecting a Fear episode? More backstory than snapshot this week, less body horror but still horrible where even before the fall grotesqueries abound. I'm with Tordel on Eastwood being the best thing in Deadworld, looks like a confrontation is brewing.

Chorus. The art here really works for me, clean and bright, really lovely designs on Evangelista's armour especially, and the church ship. Story-wise there's nothing here yet to really hook the interest but it feels like the last episode could make it.

Feral & Foe. Bonkers. It is Whedon-y in the dialogue but the bickering and jokes don't feel forced as I feel often happens when writers aim for this kind of thing so it's really good fun to read - if this and the first installment were collected it's the sort of thing I'd buy for other people who would be in on the joke. Wrath and Bode are completely useless in this tale and I hope that doesn't continue for too long, and it hovers close to being too meta with the answerphone joke and the like - but overall this is ace. The design on the necromancer is so good I'm stealing it for an RPG.
: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: Magnetica 14 April, 2021, 02:13:33 PM
Loving Dredd, Feral and Foe and Thistlebone.
Not so much the others, but those 3 are enough for me to consider the Prog to be in a good state right now.

Only disappointment with the currrent Dredd is, it’s only 6 parts; for me this is the most interesting premise for a Dredd tale in quite a while.
: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: norton canes 15 April, 2021, 10:58:17 AM
Two fantastic stories bookending three there-or-there-abouts.

'Slow burn' is a phrase that's been used a lot here recently to describe a few strips but it certainly applies to the noir-ish suspense of 'A Penitent Man'. Has the Niemand droid been catching up with the BBC's rotten cop smash 'Line of Duty' recently, I wonder? Excellent work from Tom Foster as ever, from the low-lit shooting range scenes (Buell's mouth in the third frame of page two is totally Bolland) to the final skirmish (is it Asher or the fleeing perp taking a bullet at the end there?). Plus, extra oil rations to whoever was responsible for 'SPAK'. Absolutely nothing slow-burn about Feral & Foe, which fizzes like a sparkler. Again, no complaints for me about the meta-level stuff - if a line's funny then put it in, however it works. Oh and full marks for the Elson droid's cover. 

So what of the filling between the delicious bread in this week's prog sandwich? I think it's fair to say that if they invented a candle which burned as slowly as Thistlebone, I wouldn't be making many visits to the candle shop. Can't deny that's a striking final frame though. Deadworld, not as gruesome as recent Visions, and unfortunately my recollection of the backstory isn't up to scratch - who's Fairfax? Finally, Chorus & The Ring... 3riller or filler? Frustratingly it just needs something extra to elevate it to the former category.

I shudder to think what the Facebook reference is in this week's Damage Report.
: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: broodblik 15 April, 2021, 07:31:41 PM
Cover in B/W:

: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: JimmyNailz 16 April, 2021, 03:50:15 PM
Deadworld, not as gruesome as recent Visions, and unfortunately my recollection of the backstory isn't up to scratch - who's Fairfax?

Fairfax is the first Judge who turned up in the first arc of Fall Of Deadworld, who was helping Jess Childs (and who Jess and the gang saved from De'Ath... though possibly a little too late as he'd been "deadfluided").
: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: broodblik 16 April, 2021, 03:59:15 PM
That is one of the biggest problems with the Deadworld series and it has so many characters that you do get lost with whom is whom. I took me awhile to realize that Fairfax had a big part to play in the first series of Deadworld
: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: TordelBack 16 April, 2021, 08:31:09 PM
Yep, rescuing Fairfax is the whole reason Jess went to the Hall of Justice, which was all the non-Sov non-Casey bits of the last series or two (Damned and Doomed). There's a prophecy/vision that he's integral to any hope of defeating Death: Fairfax was Death's go-to thug in the early days, and slated to be the Fifth Dark Judge, but did a runner when things got really bad, ending up with Jess in tow after her family were killed/killed each other. That's his helmet she wears.
: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: norton canes 17 April, 2021, 09:41:50 AM
Thanks - I should have remembered Fairfax actually, he was front and centre in Cursed, the first chapter I was on board for.

I wonder if script droids see questions like mine and throw up their diodes in despair... "Aaargh! How can he not know? He was the main character!"
: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: Colin YNWA 17 April, 2021, 05:42:37 PM
Well I'm late to the party as I've been away and had the delight of double proggage on my return. So I've been careful and managed to avoid thrillpower overload - I might make some snarky comments about that next time (well in a few minutes). As it is we'll stick to this here.

Dredd - well its been a magnificent tale rendered beautifully. Tom Foster really is developing super quick and his figures and world feel so much more connected than is early stuff. This is just wonderful art. Niemand just gives fantastic Dredd and while I can see where some of the folks feeling this has gone over familiar ground are coming from I just don't feel it as I'm loving this so much. Also nice use of Buell to address some of the concerns raised.

Thistlebone The single panel 'I'm fine' on the second page of this weeks episode say all you need to know about this story. On the surface not much is happening but DAMN do art and script combined leave you really unsettled. Creepy in the best possible way.

Visions of Deadworld is another herartbreaking triumph.

3riller - Chorus and the ring - see I thought this was so Muh - just so genric action thriller... but I've also read the last part but for now this part - muh... but I refer you to 2228 review thread for more...

Feral and Foe continues to be a jolly horrific romp. Love it.

By George that was a decent Prog.
: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: Sean SD 18 April, 2021, 06:37:18 AM
My Top 3 for Prog 2227 :)

1st - Dredd - easily first place, top story wonderful art
2nd - Thistlebone - ‘I’m Fine’ ... Avril’s not fine at all  :o
3rd - Visions of Deadworld - Deadworld heartbreaking in this one, like others I should know why the Fairfax name is important but escapes me without a re-read
: Re: Prog 2227 - Skeleton Crew
: 73north 18 April, 2021, 08:56:17 AM
I have been delayed reviewing the Prog - as 3 weeks ago Prog 2224 never arrived - and the replacement
never arrived - so had to ask for another - then that arrives finally  3 weeks later , only for the original one to show up !
anyway - very enjoyable read , and read all 4 issues yesterday

Dredd – The story is great and I also love Tom Foster’s art .

Thistlebone – I find this sotory is getting much better with each issue .

Deadworld – very well done and I am enjoying it

Chorus – A delightful 3riller - much better thn the usual far - and well written and art work is fab .

Feral & Foe – I also agree, this is a great read.
I have welcomed their return - the story is really first class - and enjoying it greatly

Marks out of 5 - 5 - zero complaints