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Richard S.:
I've updated my look at some of the more obscure books published in association with 'Robin' comic

Richard S.:
I've updated my guide to 'Swift' comic merchandise

Richard S.:
'Dinosaurs - a celebration' comic from Epic/Marvel in 1992 looks great! Creators involved include Garry Leach, John Bolton, Liam Sharp, John Higgins and more!

Colin YNWA:
Oh wow more I've never heard of and these look great. I wish I knew more about the content as I might then be able to justify the £30 for the one set I can se on ebay. Damn! Even then it'd be hard to justify. Still nice one to keep an eye out for and thanks again for the heads up.

Colin YNWA:
Well a quick bit of digging and there seems to be some internal images to view online and Marvel Fandom has some creator details With quite a cool line-up of talent from our own Dabnett, Dermot Power, Liam Sharp, Colin MacNeil and John Higgins to other Marvel UK alumni. hmmm this is getting even more interesting...


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