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Hi all
I am helping my mum clear out her loft, which means my old 2000ads from the early-mid 80's have to go. There are the weeklies, megazines, the smaller monthlies - 4or 5 boxes full. I do have a fairly complete list I can share.
Are they worth anything? They are all in read, but good condition.
thanks in advance

There's a list somewhere on the forum - it's about a decade old but prices haven't changed a whole lot.  At end of lunch break so don't have time to look for it right now.

Colin YNWA:
I think this is the one Sheridan is referring too.


There are a fewing 'selling' groups over on Facebook if you are that way inclined. The honest answer is outside of the first 100 issues not too much, 100-500 do okay but 500+ tend on to get much - though you never know your luck.

thanks for the replies. Not looking to sell for much, would rather they went to someone who would appreciate them. Will look on FB and see where it goes.
the list is below, and I think it is fairly accurate, but not checked - if anyone is interested.

2000ad weekly comics

645 - 845

judge dredd the megazine 3-11
jd megazine 1990 1-20
jd megazine 1992 1-2 12-30
judge dredd mega special No.4 1991
rogue trooper annual 1991
rogue trooper book 1,3,5
judge dredd in america
judge dredd tale of the dead man
judge dredd crime file 1-3
judge dredd metal fatigue
judge dredd bad science
judge dredd annual 1990,1991
judge dredd yearbook 1992,1993
2000ad annual 1989 - 1991
2000ad year book 1993

lots of sci fi specials

small (between A4 and A5) monthlys

law off dredd 5-19
nemesis the warlock 1-16, 19
bad company 15-19
rogue trooper 37-45
judge anderson 3-8
abc warriors 1-3
sam slade robohunter 1-9, 11-30

origonal 2000ad monthly, from 1985 1-5
best 0f 2000ad monthly 47,48 52-88, 93

Best bet is to look at eBay sales for a current guide. At a glance, the most valuable things there are the first volume of the Magazine, which appears to be complete, and the Rogue Trooper annual. The specials might be worth listing individually here, in case people want to plug gaps.


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